how to be a good singer

hii..guys…now..i’ll post with english language. well..i’m not good enough about this..but..i’ll try.. πŸ™‚ we will back to the topic. the topic is ” how to be a good singer “. okey…it wouldn’t easy cuz u must practice harder..but trust me…it’s work…hehehe πŸ˜‰

a.voice practice
first. u must practice ur breath technik. hmm…now i’ll give u a simple treatment.. πŸ™‚ take a deep breath from ur nose n don’t blow it…wait 5 seconds…then..blow it slowly..dont rush..repeat it 10x on a day…or practice ur breath technik.
second. fecial’s weird hah…but.. u know what..if u not do this step well…4 what u do 1st step? okey…now u practice to smile..easy do you? if u cant do that, use ur forefinger n middle finger to help u…then…u do 1st step…but u must blow it..and u hear sound like burrrburrr like that okey… πŸ™‚
third. practice ur mouth. okey…now u say aiueo..done? next step u must do that again but…u mouth must open wider tha be4. it very important…to clarify your intonation.
fourth. try to shoot high note..okey..maybe its hard..but..u must try…if u want to sing..dont do just a a half…okey..take a deep breath n open ur mouth seem like third step..blow it slowly..n make some voice…if u still cant shoot hige note..dont can broken ur voice,,if u want to be a good singer..u must practice again….…if u can pass the voice is the expression
if u want express ur song..u must know the meaning that song. exsa: MISSING YOU-SM THE BALLAD. gener the song is ballad..soo..u must calm ur emosion..n sing it slowly…feel the music..tone..well..i u have talent in act..its very easy 4 u…its just like acting u know…if the song gener is rock..u will act like rocker…expression is come out 4rm ur eye. if u can lie with ur eye..of course u can lie with your fans…eye describe ur feeling…so try to practice that thing.

and the last…sing a song

it’s a simple step…because u can do step a n b. now u know ur gener…so dont rush ur voice..if ur gener is ballad..sing…ballad …if ur gener is Rnb…sing Rnb..

okey…just that…sory if the writing does not irregular. because I am also just learning the English language.
but i’ll try again..n post with english language again someday…heheh…thax to my english teacher…cuz u help me to fill my vocabulary…hehehe… πŸ˜€

chiie πŸ˜€


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