Beast 1st album

jang…para fans beast..ada kabar gembira nieh pada tanggal 17 mei besok cube entertaiment akan mengeluarkan album pertama beast.
nah tulisan pihak cube berbunyi
Hello. This is Cube Entertainment.

It is finally the morning of the 9th, the day many of you have been waiting for. We’re sure that all of you will look forward to the days to come, which will all shine brightly with the sun.

B2ST’s comeback is just around the corner now, and Cube has been busy all day, every day. We are full of nerves and high expectations.

First of all, B2ST’s first official album, “B2ST Official First Album“, is going to be released on May 17th.

With the release date rapidly approaching, many people are guessing and holding high expectations about the album. What’s definite is that the album was created with the members’ passion and effort.

This album can be looked at as one, or as many novels. It has a dramatic structure and theme. Also, B2ST’s strong image worked as the background for a brand new sound that gives off a refined feel.

Secondly, after we release news about their comeback today, B2ST’s teaser site will open.

The teaser site can be opened through B2ST’s official homepage (

Thank you.

hehe kalo masalah ngartikannya ke indonesia chie masih bingung…pusing udah malem sieh…hehehe…

chie tunggu comengnya




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