Definition of Trust


good night everyone ?? how the day ?? okey this time , I will tell you something that must you understand it well . “What is it ?” . okey do you understand about definition of trust ? What “trust” is it ? . There is 8 definition about trust . in your family , school, siciety , etc . now I will explain 8 definition of trust . before that TRUST are people who belief something and if somebody broke the trust some people wont trust that people again .

okey next are :

1. like a street that has 2 lanes. you will get trusted if you give credence. confused ? if you want to be trusted by your parent , try to retelling you honestly , believe it they can be trusted to tell you honestly too . f you want your relationship with the underlying trust, you have to trust in that person as you trust yourself.

2. Your parent normally giving you trusted . until u lie with them . if you can always keep their trusted , and then they wont trusted you again , you must ask why they wont believe you again . ( dont be afraid , they are your friend , friend always being on your side dont ya ? ๐Ÿ˜€ )

3. Sometimes people not believing you because what you did to your friend or your close friend . feel upset dont you ? your aragument with word will not help you a lot . proof it with what you do . make they believe you with your body language . and keep it on your mind “Action speakers louder than words.”

4. Being Trusted by people must be maintained . now back to you , if you do trust people , thet they lie to you , how do you feel ?? upsed ? angry ? . if you do broken the trusted some people , dont worry , trust can be rebuilt . you can achieve the missing again . you know why ? because let them choose the right time to believing you again . and you must keep on your mind that they will trust you again someday ๐Ÿ˜€ .

5. To get back the missing being trusted . you and your friend must have 1 goal to rebuilt “trusted” . how hard your wish want to trusted again but your friend still wont believe you , it’s hopeless . so , being gently to your friend maybe can move their hear so they can trust you again .

6. in the past , somepeople was being hurt by people , so hard to be trusted again . if you finding people like this , try to understand them , and just accept the truth that they still do not want to believing you . but somday u must show them tah you can be trusted again .

7. Trusted are the basic of all relationship . no axeption

8. Being Trusted are Give . if you giving somebody , you will be recive back .

so what do you think ??? hahaha i hope it will help you … but before that , so sorry if the grammar are not good . hehe thanks for your time ๐Ÿ˜€


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