LCC Japanese experience

Student Exchange
Student Exchange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

good evening everybody ? how are you ? ha, I havent realized that since  more than one month I havent post anything cuz well you see, study makes me always do more to my textbooks. ahaha….

well as you see, do you know about LCC ? in my country LCC is ” Lomba Cerdas Cermat” or “Quiz Contest” about japanese. My team study about adjectives, verbs, nouns, Japanese history (eg time of edo), animals, transportation, fruits, vegetables, work, time, and others. well, this time was not me and my team to create to be the winner. but I got alot of experience about japanese quiz contest. the dates are on Saturday 12 May 2012. My team got group A from 3 group in the selection room. wow you now that time was too much waste my energy and my heart beat was too fast cuz this is was my first time to do quiz contest. well this would be the best experience in my live. ah you know friends ? I joined on selection of exchange student to aboard (AFS). but that was not my time to get my chance to go to japan. ahahah… it’s okay there is alot time to get scholarship. see yaa 😀



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