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For you who want to know my real name, my name is Dina Amalia Alyani. Hikage Inochie (日影い命) is my Blogger name and of course you can call me Chie  Chan. Born as Taurus ( 3.05.96 ) and love to traveling , Blogging, Make up, Listening to Music, Play Guitar even I’m suck at it, Cooking, Reading ebook, eating ( this is important to know ) and watching Movie.  Currently living in Hamburg Germany to study and have a dream life, is  “To Cure Cancer”.  170 cm high and no comment for my weight.. but if you want to know, you can ask me ahaha.

I have Father and  Sister ( 4 years older than me ) who currently living in Indonesia. My father working as usual and my sister just graduate from Graduate school of Computer Engineering (2017) . I like spicy food “a lot” and love MEAT.  Eventually I still can’t handle Insect and Spider even they ware 2 meter away from me. Love Cats, Dogs, Snake, gecko  Lion etc. I will tell you a little Story about what happened in my life right now . I’m still on my way to get my Dream. Just like you my lovely reader… I do believe, you’ve found my Blog to find the best Information to reach your dream right ? FYI, things I have wrote on this Blog is pure real from my Experience. Sometimes I take a look at the other Blog to find a little information and then I wrote it on my own language. Seems to sloppy ? I’ve heard that a lot. But I wished you still hear my Voice ( real one ) when you read my Blog or my Article.  I can speak Indonesia ( my first language ), English, German,  Japan and some sentence of korea language. Why I’ve decided to stay in Germany was because I want to study medicine. And now,  I’ve choose to learn Herbs and stemm cell instead. I know it, since I met one person in my life and I do believed that God indeed have send me an Angel or how you’ll called “Gift”  to save me from the darkness. It was so dark and hopeless before I met that person. So I felt Gratitude to the Universe and everyone in this planet whom I love and Love me.

if you want to contact me, you could leave a comment down below or below my Article. Follow my Social Media and follow my blog to become one of your source of information. I can’t write a lot and often but once I post something, It would be special for you. so don’t forget to follow this blog my dear readers.

Come to the end, I appreciate for you to read my short biography. Thank you for visited my amature blog and read my article. I wish you get what you are looking for.




chie chan


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