About the Author 

My  Japanisch name: 


real name: 

Dina Amalia Alyani

hobby: sleep, eat, sing, act with my sister, OL, ngeblog

the goal of my life is:  to be a good girl

my height is around 170cm… weight… well depends on what I eats yesterday…😂😎

My family consists Father and Older sister. Both of them staying in Indonesia. 

my sister have so much interest on Kpop stuff and for me I love Japan stuff ( not so Jpop but… 😂). as for my Dad… well just normal parents 😂.. just watch what their daughters doing 😂#lovemydad. as for my Mom, I hope She doing so well and more Healthy up there… #lovemymom

I love meat 🍖… and I hate vegetables 🥒 😂

the only Vegetable that I can eat : Chilies … not paprika okay 😁🤣😂😅

I Like spicy 🥘…. and I dislike sour stuff

easy to Falling in Love with cats … I have a lot of cats in Indonesia… and I don’t wanna meet Insect, worms and spiders 😨 no thankyou 😎. 

I like make up … cuz it make me so confident…. normally I choose Essence ( Foundation & eyeliner) , Catrice ( countour pallets& blush on ), Etude Hause ( Lipstick and lip tint) , Maybeline ( mascara), Loreal ( Powder ), Make up forever ( lose Powder) and other drugstore #douglas makeup stuff… as for skincare cream just one …….Clinique gel  😎… face wash I using a lot of brands so It’s always changes 😂… 

I choose to buy make up than clothes…. and foods than a make up …. so in general I like food 😂.

well for the other things… its ” Normal”

my twitter: @dina_amalia3

my facebook: on the website 

IG : dinaaalyani

my birth day:  3 may 1996 feel free to send me gifts 😎

I am living in Germany ( Hamburg) to study.

I speak : Indonesian, English, German and A little 日本語. feel free to talk to me within this circle 😂… 

okey…that’s enough

thanks …i know its still not perfect…but i’ll try the best….


yang mau barnner comment down below 


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